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FOSMA / BEACON / Jan 2023

       stood  out  the  most.  The  institute's  focus  on  simulators for oil, chemical, and gas provided
       training  and  producing  a  stream  of  advanced  training  in  cargo  operations.  A  ME
       professionally  trained  seafarers  for  the  engine  module  was  installed  in  the  engine

       industry was evident in everything they did.            room simulator to modernize the training in
                                                               keeping with industry requirements.

       In 2018, the institute inaugurated its simulator
       section with equipment sourced from ARI, New  However, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic sent
       Delhi. In addition to the simulators mandated  training  activities  into  a  tailspin.  But  FMIRO
       by the Directorate General of Shipping for its  Kolkata  quickly  recovered,  with  proactive
       courses,  watch  keeping  simulators  for  actions from the Directorate of Shipping and

       improved  classroom  training  of  deck  cadets  FOSMA.  The  initial  lockdown  left  the  faculty
       aspiring for their second mates’ certificate of  and  staff  uncertain  about  their  health  and
       competency  were  installed.  Cargo  handling  careers, but FOSMA moved quickly to ease their

       concerns, allowing the faculty to concentrate  regular  classroom  delivery  in  April  2022.
       on the established world of online delivery.           Students faced with the sudden uncertainty of
       Within two months of the lockdown, guidelines  offline  classes  stayed  away  until  there  was

       for  online  courses  were  in  place  and  certainty  regarding  the  delivery  of  classes.
       preparatory courses resumed. As the pandemic  Student  numbers  suddenly  dropped  to
       continued,  FOSMA  arranged  for  stand  by  alarming  levels  threatening  our  economic
       oxygen  concentrators  for  the  use  of  faculty,  viability, but soon recovered until now, when

       staff,  and  their  families.  Students  overcame  we are fast reaching pre Covid levels.
       their  initial  hesitation  and  course  numbers
       began  to  recover.  With  the  pandemic  finally  The  institute  is  constantly  endeavouring  to

       tapering off, online classes were replaced with  improve  course  delivery  and  learning
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