Page 8 - FOSMA Beacon Issue 3
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Fosma Maritime Center

                                        The FMIRO Kolkata Diary

                                                                                      Capt. Hemadri Kr

                                                                                      Ray took over the

                                                                                         reins of FOSMA

                                                                                     Maritime Institute
                                                                                             & Research


                                                                                    (FMIRO) Kolkata as

                                                                                        Principal on the
                                                                                    01st of September

                                                                                       2022. He shares

                                                                                       the status of the
                                                                                     institute status as

                                                                                        on date and the

                                                                                            future plans

       A few years ago, I was working at a pre-sea            seafarers.  So,  when  the  FOSMA  Maritime
       institute in Kolkata when I heard that FOSMA           Institute and Research Organization opened its

       was launching their own training institute in          doors at Salt Lake, Kolkata in February 2017, I
       the  same  city.  As  a  former  member  of  the       embraced the opportunity and joined the team
       FOSMA-IIPM  (  Indian  Institute  of  Port             on September 1st of that year.

       Management)  collaboration  team,  I  was
       already familiar with the working principles of        Upon my arrival, I was immediately impressed
       FOSMA. Having had decades of experience in             by  the  state-of-the-art  facilities  and

       maritime training and education, I was aware           equipment at FMIRO. The interiors, classrooms,
       of  FOSMA’s  commitment  and  excellence  in           and  facilities  were  at  par  with  the  best
       maritime  training  and  development  of               internationally, but it was the work ethics that
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