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FOSMA / BEACON / Jan 2023

       maritime  sector  and  is  one  of  the  world’s  I  look  forward  to  many  more  successful
       largest  third-party  ship  managers  with  a  endeavours in partnership with FOSMA in my
       portfolio of 450 vessels in management.                position  as  the  General  Manager  –  Marine

                                                              Personnel at Wilhelmsen, India.
       Wilhelmsen has proudly been a part of FOSMA
       from its inception in 1989. Over the years, we  My best wishes to all the office bearers and

       have come to cherish our shared values and  member lines of FOSMA
       believe that through FOSMA we have been able
       to contribute to the growth and recognition of
       with  the  Indian  administration  to  provide “
       all Indian seafarers. FOSMA has been one of the
       most  important  pillars  of  Indian  Shipping
       industry for over 3 decades now and through
       its  constant  efforts  and  relentless
                                                                 Through FOSMA we
       commitment  has  ensured  continual
       development of Indian seafarers. It has been
                                                                 have been able to
       instrumental  working  in  close  coordination

                                                                 growth and recognition
       highly  regarded  and  top-quality  Indian                contribute to the
       seafarers to global shipping.
                                                                 of all Indian seafarers.

       FOSMA  has  always  been  at  the  forefront  to          FOSMA has been one of
       embrace  various  challenges  relating  to                the most important
       crewing be it in way of operations or training of

       the  seafarers  or  to  meeting  the  regulatory          pillars of Indian
       requirements.  Latest  being  the  IGF  courses           Shipping industry for
       which have now commenced in the state of the              over 3 decades now and

       art  FMIRO  training  institutes  at  Noida  and
       Kolkata.                                                  through its constant
                                                                 efforts and relentless
       The pandemic of the recent years spared no

       one.  FOSMA  was  instrumental  in  organising            commitment has
       collective  crew  changes  by  liaising  with  the        ensured continual
       Indian  government  and  foreign  embassies               development of Indian

       alike. It is a fact that seafarers endured terrible                                                       “
       difficulties  due  to  pandemic  induced  travel           seafarers.
       restrictions. However, if not for the efforts of

       FOSMA  and  its  member  lines,  the  whole
       ecosystem would have collapsed.
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