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FOSMA / BEACON / Jan 2023

      environment. Today FOSMA has an updated web presence (new websites and

      social  media),    and  we  look  ahead  to  embrace  and  integrate  the  latest
      technology to our core processes and training aids. We are also delighted to

      inform the resumption of our Safety & Operational Excellence (SOPEX) & Your
      Health  360  (YH  360)  programmes  at  our  new  ofce  premises.  We  have
      partnered  with  ISF  Group  &  3CUBE  for  the  two  initiatives  which  run  as  an

      integrated module. It is a proven fact, a workforce that is healthy & well, rates
      high on the happiness index and is amenable to working in a safe and compliant

      manner. This, in turn, improves overall productivity and performance - a win-win
      for all!”

       Another feature has been my personal transition to the CEO role at FOSMA.

      Following my superannuation from V Ships after nearly 34 years, the FOSMA
      Board invited me to take on this position. Since I have been involved with the core
      functioning  of  FOSMA  for  decades  now,  this  helps  me  to  understand  the

      environment in which we work and I am hopeful that I can add value to the
      members in the service the association has to offer.

      The FOSMA Beacon is a doorway to let you all inside our service portfolio. This

      2023 issue of the Beacon gives a summary of what we have done in 2022 and
      what we have in mind for the subsequent months to follow. There have been

      some  exciting  changes  in  our  industry.  While  some  stalwarts  have
      superannuated, some younger leaders have taken over in some of our member
      companies. You will nd some of them featured in this issue through their articles.

      I would request you all to spend some time on this issue
      and to give us your valuable feedback on what you

      would like to see in our future ones. At the end
      of it all I would say that the uncertainty of the
      previous years has made us stronger  and

      of course a lot wiser and now we know that
      whatever life throws at us, there's always

      a 'Beacon' of hope to do well upon

       Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

       Capt. Rajesh Tandon

       Chief Executive Ofcer
       Foreign Owner and Ship-Managers
       Association (FOSMA)
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