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FOSMA / BEACON / Jan 2023
                             From the,



                    appy  New  Year  to  all  my  colleagues  and  fellow  seafarers!
                    I hope you celebrated the start of 2023 safely and in good health with
         Hyour loved ones.

         2022 was a year during which we had to deal with a series of challenges from
         Russia's invasion of Ukraine to ination, and to soaring energy prices, while
         the world was still recovering from the lingering impact of the pandemic.

         Everything in the world somehow has an effect on shipping. The opposite is
         also true. Shipping impacts everything around us in one way or another.  This
         is what makes our shipping industry so wonderful, and so valuable. At the

         heart of it all lie our seafarers; their toil and hardship and resilience during
         difcult times has been unmatchable. Seafarers make a tangible contribution

         to  our  economy  and  they  are  the  basis  on  which  the  foundation  of  our
         association stands. The primary objective of FOSMA is to understand the
         needs  and  expectations  of  our  clients  which  also  includes  largely  the

         seafarers, and then to dedicate our resources in servicing them to the fullest of
         our capabilities.

         We have been doing this for over 3 decades now. By understanding, and
         embracing our clients' business challenges, vision, objectives and goals, we
         have enabled ease of business for our member companies in India. For our

         seafarers, we have created state of the art training facilities in Noida and
         Kolkata. We are delighted to announce the introduction of the IGF Training

         capabilities at NOIDA & Kolkata, and resumption of the GMDSS program. At
         every step we strive to address our seafarers' needs and expectations, and how
         we can work harder and better to address these needs to their benet.

          Our major achievement in the past year has been to settle in our new ofce
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