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outcomes, including enhancing the soft skills  edge systems. At FMIRO, we are committed to
      of  the  faculty.  A  scheme  to  improve  the  providing the highest quality training to our
      professional  skills  of  the  faculty  has  seen  3  students and are constantly looking for ways

      Nautical  faculty  and  1  engineering  faculty  to improve and stay ahead of the curve. I am
      steadily  progressing  through  their  Extra  confident that our institute will lead the way in
      Masters and Extra Chief Engineer's courses.             maritime training and embody the best that a

                                                              maritime training institute has to offer.
      The  increasing  demand  for  personnel  with
      both oil and chemical tanker training has led  After all the restrictions imposed due to COVID,
      the institute to apply for approval to conduct  I am pleased to inform that all the courses that

      Advanced  Training  in  Chemical  Tanker  Cargo  commenced  on  or  after  1st  April  2022  are
      Operations Course. FMIRO is one of the few in  being  conducted  to  full  capacity  in  physical

      India that will conduct this class room course  mode. The on-going courses as on that date
      with simulator support. We are also preparing  were completed in hybrid / on-line mode, the
      for the future of the maritime industry. The use  previous one having been completed on 30th
      of alternate fuels and the need for "dual fuel"  June 2022.
      certified  marine  engineers  has  led  us  to

      develop course infrastructure for these skills.  Due  to  this  switch-over  to  physical  classes,
      Preparations for the introduction of Basic and  many  outstation  candidates  dropped  out  of

      Advanced  Training  for  Ships  Using  Fuels  the course bookings, and either went sailing or
      Covered within the IGF Code (BIGF/ AIGF) are  enrolled at other institutes located convenient
      being made to meet this demand.                         to  their  place  of  residence.  Consequently,
                                                              FMIRO Kolkata had a significant drop in number

      Additionally, as the shipping industry becomes  of  students  in  April,  May  and  June  2022.
      increasingly automated and autonomous, we  However,  thereafter,  the  occupancy  for  the
      recognize  the  need  to  adopt  and  assimilate  courses  have  improved.  The  break-up  of  the

      futuristic training methods that use Immersive  occupancy of the Competency courses, as on
      Augmented  Reality  tools  and  other  cutting-         date, is given overleaf
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